wwwoffle-list - lists URL's and associated filenames residing in a
    wwwoffle cache


    wwwoffle-list [*options*] *URL-PATTERN*


    wwwoffle-list lists URL's along with their associated filenames which
    are residing in a wwwoffle cache. It will descend only to those
    directories that match *URL-PATTERN* to make the search more rapid.


    -u, --url-filename
        print filename of URL file

    -d, --data-filename
        print filename of data/http file

    -n, --no-url
        don't print URL

        search base dirs specified by *REGEXP*

        search only the base directories *http*, *ftp*, *finger*

        search only the base directories *lasttime*, *prevtime 1-3*,
        *outgoing*, *monitor*

        search all base directories

    -a, --add-server-directory-entries
        when searching through the non-server base directories (*lasttime*,
        *prevtime 1-3*, *outgoing*, *monitor*) this will also print
        information about their corresponding files in the server
        directories (*http*, *ftp*, *finger*)

    -h, --help
        display short help text and exit

    --man, --manual
        display complete help with examples etc. and exit

    -V, --version
        output version information and exit


    "/var/cache/wwwoffle" - wwwoffle directory prefix


    Error handling is incomplete
    emit an error for an empty URL-PATTERN argument
    treat files in the outgoing and monitor directory different: they have
    no /D... (data) files but /O... (outgoing headers, form data) files
    rename ``pattern'' to ``regexp'' where appropriate
    (for more bugs, see the annotations in the source code)

See Also

    wwwoffle(1), perldoc wwwoffle-decompress.

Source Code

License: GPL, Version 2 (or later version).

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