Compressed Images in PostScript and PDF with LaTeX HOWTO

The complete article is available as HTML, PS and PDF.

Abstract. It is a common problem that PostScript files (as generated by TeX/LaTeX users) become really large when users try to include pixel mapped images (also referred to as ``sampled images'', ``pixmaps'' or ``bitmaps''). The huge size of the resulting PostScript files is due to the fact, that many converters to Encapsulated PostScript decompress the images.

However, with the right tools and specifying the correct options it is possible to include certain image types (such as JPEG or PNG) retaining compression. This can greatly reduce the size of the resulting PostScript files and thus speed up downloading and displaying.

The article explains which tools and image formats can be used to put images into PostScript without decompression. Moreover, some considerations have been made about which image formats can be used when generating other output formats, namely PDF (Portable Document Format) and HTML, from a LaTeX source.

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